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Winamp Beta 0.8

Album Artwork Display
Play your songs on Winamp for Mac with a view of the album artwork in the Now Playing window and below the play queue window. You can toggle the artwork button at the bottom right to turn on/off the album artwork display. The album artwork will also display on your Growl notification.

Drag and Drop Updates
Drag and drop now allows for greater library management within Winamp for Mac. New features with drag and drop include: drag and drop a song from Finder into your library, drag a song or a collection of songs from the library into the playlist node to create a new playlist, and drag and drop of song ordering within playlists and play queue.

Additional Column Views
We have added additional columns to your library view and the ability to hide or show any of these columns. To add and remove columns, right click any sort column in the library view and you will see these options: Title, Artist, Album, Kind, Disc#, # of Discs, Track#, # of tracks, Plays, Composer, Genre, Year and Time. Select the ones which you want shown and Winamp for Mac will update the views.

Performance Enhancements
Users with large media libraries will notice a significant difference in the the way Winamp imports, displays and plays back music in this latest version of Winamp for Mac. Upon startup and importing, your media will show up faster and scrolling through your library will be seamless allowing you to manage your library more efficiently.

Fixed Items

The 0.8 release includes various fixes including -
Now Playing indicator on playlists view showing in the wrong column
Volume slider mute and unmute states
Crash when importing music folders
Crash when trying to Wifi sync with Winamp for Android
Assorted bugs

Платформа: Intel only
Системные требования: Поддержка Mac OS X 10.6 и выше

4.76 Mb

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