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The Fundy Software Suite

Fundy Software была основана в 2008 году. За очень короткий период времени компания стала известна как лидер в области программных решений и инструментов для людей профессионально занимающихся портретной и свадебной фотографией.

Album Builder
With Album Builder, most users report cutting their album design time in half and designing better than they ever have. Album Builder makes designing gorgeous, modern, clean albums easier than ever before. Use what industry leaders are raving about, the album design program that changes everything.

Blog Collage
Use Blog Collage, the fastest collage maker on the market, to save time and improve the presence of your brand across your blog and social media platforms. Blog collage saves time and allows for thousands of custom layouts with your own backgrounds and logo.

Image Brander
The easy interface of Image Brander makes professional branding a piece of cake. Just tell image brander where you want your logo, what color you want your color bar and presto, it does all the work. Image Brander helps protect your work and promote your brand with a robust set of features.

Work Flow
Cut the time you spend in Photoshop in half with Work Flow. Choose your input folder and your output folder and Work Flow goes to work. Make your edits and hit “Save and Next.” Work Flow supports auto file handling for quick edits on multiple images, quick access to your actions, saving to multiple output sizes, and more.

Action Matic
Organize and execute actions, lickity split!

What’s not to love about a company founded by a successful professional wedding and portrait photographer to help other wedding and portrait photographers develop successful businesses? We love Fundy Software because their team is as dedicated to improving the photographic community as they are to creating class-leading workflow and business tools. Their software helps serious photographers work smarter and make more money.

* Photoshop CS4+ required for all Photoshop Plug-ins.

101 MB

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