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Servus 1.3.621

Новое в программе:
[NEW] Actual preview images for your uploaded files. That means prettier preview pages with less fugly icons! (See below.)
[NEW] If you're brave, you can now subscribe to beta releases. Check your preferences and make sure to read the related blog post.
[NEW] Should the app crash for some reason, you'll have the option to send me an automated crash report at the next start. I'd really appreciate if you'd use that feature!
[FIX] Fixed problems with stalled uploads. (Servus will now retry to upload failed chunks for a few times before giving up.)
[FIX] Adjusted hints text to reflect the changed submenus in the last release.
[CHG] Updated icons in Preferences.
[CHG] Updated the Dropbox SDK to 1.3.3.
[CHG] Cleaned up log messages. It's still incredibly verbose, that'll be changed in one of the next releases.
[CHG] Minor text changes here and there.

Разработчик: https://servus.io/
ОС: Mac OS X 10.5 и более новая
Язык интерфейса: Английский

2.3 Mb

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