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Scrivener 2.5

Scrivener позволяет не просто открывать все эти файлы, а делать это в одном окне с текстом книги, что удобно для создания описаний объектов. Также в Scrivener есть удобная доска для заметок, в которой можно оставлять свои идеи, прикреплять их к определенным частям книги и добавлять в них сопутствующие файлы. Кроме этого, программа имеет полноэкранный режим, помогающий сконцентрироваться на написании текста.

Что нового в версии:

*Mavericks-ready: many minor changes and updates for 10.9 compatibility, with full support for saving and exporting tags.
*Scrivener's enhanced .doc, .docx and .odt exporters no longer require an external Java installation - everything needed is now built into Scrivener and sandboxed (10.7.3+).
*A sandboxed version of MultiMarkdown is now built into Scrivener.
*Find and Replace now works in inspector comments and footnotes.
*Project note titles are now affected in Project Replace if "Titles" is ticked.
*The Replacements in Compile can now replace web link targets as well as text.
*When selecting formatting levels in Compile, affected documents are now highlighted in the binder.
*"Treat 'Preserve Formatting' blocks as raw HTML" can now be used for e-books.
*Kindle export no longer ignores differences between justified and left text alignment.
*Changed the way UUIDs are stored in .epub files to meet latest requirements of EpubCheck.
*You can now use strikethrough in PDF files.
*"Lock in Place" is now available even when the header view is hidden.
*Posting to Facebook is now an option in the "Share" contextual menu in text views (10.8+ only).
*Scrivener should no longer switch to the discrete graphics card unnecessarily on dual-GPU machines (10.7+).
*The main interface is now translated into German, French and Spanish (other languages to come). You can override the language used for the UI via the Preferences. (Please email us if you find any problems with the translations.)
*Templates chooser view rewritten from scratch with accessibility (VoiceOver) support.
*Many other refinements and bug-fixes - for the full list, please see www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivChangeList.php

Разработчик: Literature & Latte
Системные требования: Mac OS X 10.6+
Язык интерфейса: только английский

73.47 Mb

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