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MiDVD Pro 1.0.0

miDVD Pro provides fast, top quality DVDs at a fantastic price:
Simple to use – drag and drop multiple movies and click burn – miDVD Pro looks after the rest.
Multiple movies – drop in as many as 16 movies to burn to one DVD.
Smart themes – choose from the fantastic Smart Themes for your DVD masterpiece.
Soundtracks – choose your favourite song as a menu soundtrack.
Projects – Save you miDVD projects for later on.
ISO file creation – create an ISO file if you don’t want to burn directly to DVD.
Supports 100′s of video formats – just drag in your movie or video clip – miDVD Pro will figure it out.
Its so Easy – miDVD Pro keeps it simple, but gives you control through advanced preferences if you need to get under the hood.

OS X 10.6 or later.

16 MB

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