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MegaSeg Pro 5.9.2

MegaSeg is a totally self-contained DJ music mixing and radio automation system which benefits from the ease, mobility, and reliability of Mac computers.

MegaSeg enables DJs and radio stations to put their massive music libraries on their Mac and seamlessly segue or beat mix between songs or music videos, trigger sound effects via hot keys, note requests via color coded request lists, cue tracks via a second sound output, create dynamic scheduled playlists, and program timed playlist events.

Mobile DJ businesses can use MegaSeg to easily add another system to their growing business, and is a professional solution for DJ's who need more mixing control than Apple's iTunes offers. MegaSeg has full integration with the iTunes library and playlists, including compatibly with songs bought from the iTunes Music Store.

Full iTunes library and playlist integration, including iTunes Match.
Visually sync beats in real-time with the waveform viewer.
Use Multi-touch trackpad controls for cue-scrub, pitch shift, and click-drag sync.
Kick back on autopilot with automatic segues.
Change the font face, color, and size.
Preview and cue songs in your headphones with multiple audio outputs.
Supports any MIDI controller.
Compatible with older protected DRM iTunes tracks.
Rock-steady with superior program stability.
Built from the ground up to work exclusively on the Mac.
Play-history logs and auto-saved playlists
Adjust tempo with pitch lock (time-stretch)
And much more…

New in MegaSeg 5.9.2:
New MIDI Preset for Numark's MixTrack Pro II controller.
New Keynote remote and keyboard shortcut support via Playback menu command.
Edit: Setting Intros via up/down arrows works correctly on International systems.
MIDI: Fix for master volume not responding to MIDI commands.
MIDI Learn Mode now displays the function name when assigning a conflicting code.
Mixer: Fixed a volume issue when using Discrete Output Mode without the AVC enabled.
Mixer: Turning off Automatic Volume Control properly resets the Gain controls.
[Pro] Fixed possible AutoSeg timing issues when using the Fade-Override option.
[Pro] Logging: Improved detection of missing album artwork for "NowPlaying" metadata.
[Pro] Video: When using Multiprocess AV mode with full screen video on a 2nd video output, the menubar doesn't hide on the main interface screen and it shows the "exit full screen" message at the proper location.
Various other minor improvements.

Разработчик: megaseg
ОС: Mac OS X 10.4 и новее
Язык интерфейса: английский

24.85 Mb

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