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MailHub 1.2b36

На сайте разработчика имеется неплохое видео показывающее все его возможности..

HomePage: http://www.hungerfordroad.com/index.html

Intel, Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Release Note
NEW FEATURE Compatibility with OS X 10.7.3
NEW FEATURE Drab ‘main’ toolbar icons, in keeping with the rest of Mail.app
NEW FEATURE File and Delete buttons now automatically action any newly selected ‘mode’ — matching the way the Mail.app ‘flag’ button works
NEW FEATURE New swipe-popup. Enable ‘Use Message Actions Popover’ in ‘Appearance’ tab of MailHub preferences, then use swipes (one finger for Magic Mouse, two fingers for trackpads) to select a message, and bring up the Message Actions Popover.
BUGFIX A memory leak
BUGFIX Message Selection should now always trigger suggestions

7 MB

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