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HDR Expose 2.0

Это приложение пришло на смену HDR PhotoStudio, но унаследует его основные особенности и технологию. Особенность нового программного обеспечения заключается в использовании алгоритма de-ghosting и Brightness Histogram для расширенного редактирования ярких и темных участков изображения.

Here are some key features of “HDR Expose”:

· Includes stand alone application as well as plug-ins for Aperture and Adobe Lightroom
· Full support for 64-bit computing architecture (x64)
· HDR image brightness histogram with visible range indicator and digital readout for RGB and Bch values
· Based on Unified Color’s patented Beyond RGB™ color model, allowing for tonal adjustments without color shifts or halos
· Dynamically control workflow with “HDR Image Tools” side panel
· Adjust HDR tonal range with Brightness/Contrast, Local Contrast, Shadow/Highlight and Veiling Glare correction tools
· Adjust HDR color with White Balance, Saturation and Selective Color Tuning Controls
· Best of class halo reduction algorithms
· Perform Sharpening and Noise Reduction on 32-bit Images
· Single click Dynamic Range Mapping tool
· Save favorite settings as presets
· Save favorite processing steps as recipes to apply to other images
· Supports working with multiple open images via tabbed document interface
· Refined parameters for extreme adjustments to Veiling Glare and Dark Noise reduction
· Selectively adjust hue, chroma and brightness values for up to three separate colors in Color Tuning tool
· Supports RAW files from most popular DSLR cameras also adds improved merge algorithms for extreme recovery of color data from JPEG/TIFF sources
· State-of-the-art merge procedure produces highly precise image alignment
· Improved de-ghosting algorithms with 3 options: natural, sharp edge & smooth edge
· Preserve 32-bit files by saving them in .Bef, Radiance .HDR format, OpenEXR, or TIFF formats

System Requirements:
OS: Intel-based Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) or 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or 10.7 (Lion),

69 MB

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