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Funtastic Photos 1.0.9

Advantages of Funtastic Photos.

✔ An easy to use interface that enables anyone to produce photo effects like a professional.
✔ non-destructive photo editing engine, which allows you to go back and make changes (using our Fun Photos file format).
✔ 100 built-in 1-Click Styles (plus you can make 100s more).
✔ Over 40 built-in photo effects.
✔ Printing engine with layouts.
✔ Includes the unique Photo Cubes functions.
✔ Built-in Photo Mosaic generator.
✔ Built-in photo sharing to Flickr, Facebook and Picasa.
✔ Fun Card Maker, makes it easy to send your photos as a virtual greeting card.
✔ Superb value for money.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5.0 or later

38.5 MB

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