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EarthDesk 5.8.4

EarthDesk replaces your static desktop picture with a rendered image of Earth showing correct sun, moon and city illumination.

With an internet connection, EarthDesk displays real-time global cloud cover, allowing users to track hurricanes and typhoons, or simply admire our beautiful planet. User options allow you to adjust the overall transparency of the cloud layer.
Eleven different projections.
Political, enhanced satellite and natural maps.
Zoom from 50% to 400%.
City lights appear at night.
Atlas contains 10,000 cities.
EarthDesk gives you numerous options for configuring the map images placed on your desktop.

New in version 5 for Macintosh

Faster performance and lower processor usage.
Snow and vegetation change month-to-month.
Higher resolution cloud data available.
Supports machines with dual GPUs.

Adjustable brightness and background color.
Starfield background for globe projections.
Political map shows city lights and moonlight.
Globe projection can now be offset.

Checks for updates automatically.
Softer evaluation watermark during trial period.
32/64 bit application.
Supports Lion, Snow Leopard & Leopard.

OS X 10.5+

25 MB

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